Multivitamins – who uses them? Well, you probably do, Americans spend $4,000,000,000 a year on multivitamins alone. 70 % Australians are no less keen on them, spending a tiny $2,300,000,000, and yes … that is a ton of zeros!

Who needs them? Well the number of people that can say that every day they honestly eat a well balanced diet of containing lots of fruits, nuts and vegatables, whole grains, dairy, along with chicken and fish is not just low, it is merely non-existent. Of the people who think they are doing well, most do not realize the sheer quantities that have to be consumed to maintain that ‘well-balanced diet’.

Okay, so almost everyone needs a multivitamin, but which one to choose?

Having 30,000+ vitamins on the market presents so much choice it normally is a case of finding the bottle you think looks the nicest … or the cheapest. After all, a vitamin is a vitamin right?

Fortunately, 7 Canadian and American biochemists have come to rescue us from our ignorance. They looked at and compared what is in each of these multivitamins by separating and measuring each ingredient – that is, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other components.

They put together the ‘perfect’ multivitamin, which actually does not exist as some vitamins needs to be taken separately and it would be the size of large chestnut, and rather difficult to swallow!

They examined how absorbable the vitamins were, whether they were in the right amounts/form and the variety of vitamins and minerals. Also looked at was having the vitamins in the right combinations for the body’s needs. The score was how close each one was to that perfect multivitamin out of 100%.

Nutritional Supplements:
Advocare Macro-Mineral Complex 1.1
Amcal Multivitamin & Mineral Effervescent 2.6
Amcal One-A-Day 3.3
Amway NutriWay Daily 4.2
Amway NutriWay Double X 27.3
Avon VitAdvance Women’s Complete II 9.1
Berocca Performance 3.2
BioCeuticals Multi Essentials 25.3
Bioglan Daily Plus Max 2.5
Bioglan Men’s Complete Multi Complex 11.6
Bioglan Women’s Complete Multi Complex 16.4
Blackmores Men’s Performance Multi 6.2
Blackmores Multi + Gingko for 55+ 3.0
Blackmores Sustained Release Multi Vitamins & Minerals + Selenium 10.7
Blackmores Sustained Release Multi Vitamins and Minerals 11.5
Blackmores Sustained Release Women’s Multi Vitamins & Minerals 13.3
Blackmores Women’s Multi & Evening Primrose Oil 13.4
Blackmores Women’s Vitality Multi 14.1
Cenovis 50+ Multi 3.8
Cenovis Mega Multi 8.4
Cenovis Men’s Multi 2.5
Cenovis Multivitamin and Minerals 3.4
Cenovis Women’s Multi 3.1
Centrum Complete from A to Zinc 3.9
Centrum Select 50+ 4.3
Clinicians Vitamin and Mineral Boost 45.1
Eagle Tresos B PluSe 16.4
GNC LiveWell Mega Men 21.2
GNC LiveWell Women’s Ultra Mega 26.1
Golden Glow Men’s One-a-Day Multi 2.5
Golden Glow Senior’s One-A-Day Multi 11.1
Golden Glow Super One-A-Day 6.7
Golden Glow Women’s One-a-Day Multi 3.1
Good Health Men’s Multi-Plus 9.1
Good Health Women’s Multi-Plus 6.0
Guardian Multi Vitamins & Minerals Hi Potency 2.1
Guardian Women’s Multi Vitamins & Minerals 3.6
Healtheries Women’s Multi (AU) 3.2
Healtheries Women’s Multi (NZ) 2.7
Herbalife Formula 3 8.7
Herbs of Gold Executive Multi Vitamin & Mineral 11.1
Herron Clinical Nutrition All-in-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral 2.1
Herron Clinical Nutrition Men’s Multi-Vitamin & Minerals 6.2
Herron Clinical Nutrition One-a-Day Women’s Multi-Vitamns & Minerals 3.6
Hivita LiquiVita 2.6
Kordel’s Men’s Multi (without Iron) 15.4
Kordel’s Women’s Multi Plus EPO 8.6
Mannatech GlycoLEAN Catalyst 13.9
Melaleuca Vitality for Men 7.5
Melaleuca Vitality for Women 10.6
Metagenics Multigenics 14.1
Metagenics Multigenics Phyto Plus 13.5
Microgenics Mega Multivitamin 8.0
Microgenics Men’s Essential Multivitamin 4.1
Microgenics Women’s Pro Active Multi Vitamin 6.8
Myadec Gold A-Z Guard 4.0
Myadec Multivitamins and Minerals 2.4
NFS Nutraceuticals Ultimate Sports Multi 44.5
Natural Nutrition Mega Potency Fifty Plus Multi Vitamins 13.4
Natural Nutrition Mega Potency Men’s Multi Vitamin with Selenium 13.3
Natural Nutrition Mega Potency Women’s Multi Vitamin with Selenium 13.7
Nature’s Own Daily Multi Essentials 3.1
Nature’s Own Daily Multi Peak Performance 14.0
Nature’s Own Multivitamin & Mineral 2.4
Nature’s Own Multivitamin Plus Omega 3 Fish Oil 9.1
Nature’s Sunshine Mega-Chel 13.5
Nature’s Sunshine Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals 20.6
Nature’s Way Mega Multi 17.1
Nature’s Way Men’s Energy Mega Multi-Vitamin Iron-Free 11.6
Nature’s Way Women’s Energy Mega Multivitamin 16.4
New Vision Essential Vitamins 4.7
Neways Orachel 24.1
Nutra Life Active Men’s Multi 22.3
Nutra Life Active Women’s Multi Plus 16.4
Nutrition Care Formula 33SE 7.4
Nutrition Care Formula SF88 15.1
Pharm-a-Care Men’s Mega Strength Multi-Vitamin 11.7
Pharm-a-Care Women’s Mega Strength MultiVitamins 16.4
Pharma Foods Pharma Day with Selenium 8.7
Pharmalliance OxiChel 24.8
Pharmanex Lifepak 28.1
Pharmanex Lifepak Prime 21.0
Pharmanex Lifepak Women 25.6
Pluravit 50 Plus 3.0
Pluravit Time-Release Multi 11.5
Pluravit Women 3.1
Pretorius Women’s Live Better Multi Vitamin & Mineral 16.3
Radiance Multi-Power 22.6
Red Seal Men’s Multi 13.3
Red Seal One-a-Day Multi & Minerals 2.6
Red Seal Total Multi with Minerals 3.9
Red Seal Women’s Multi 14.0
Reliv Classic 7.5
Reliv Now 10.4
Solgar Formula VM-75 23.1
Solgar Omnium 56.5
Solgar VM-2000 37.9
Swisse Men’s Ultivite Formula 1 10.8
Swisse Women’s Ultivite Formula 1 11.5
Swisse Women’s Ultivite No Iron or Iodine 10.9
Thompson’s Femmefort 8.3
Thompson’s Immunofort 16.9
Thompson’s Men’s Multi with Antioxidants 11.3
Thompson’s Multifort 17.5
Thorne Research Al’s Formula 46.9
Thorne Research Basic Nutrients III 38.7
Thorne Research Basic Nutrients V 44.4
USANA Health Sciences Essentials 73.7
Vitaplex Professional One a Day Multivitamin 5.0

A staggering 50 out of the total 110 multivitamins did not even reach 10% and only the top 11 multivitamins were above 25% of what the human body needs on a daily basis.

The popular supermarket brands all featured below 10% possibly due to being forced to compete on price with other supermarkets. The downside for you, means the product you take every day is a hugely inferior supplement.

In other words, you get what you pay for. My advice, choose a multivitamin that is backed by a great company with a good reputation and do not just buy any old vitamin because of the price. You would be better off spending the money on something else.

From Disabled World, Ian Langtree


Are you using the best Multivitamin?

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